Our specialised library for professional and general public use holds:

  • Professional literature in the fields of general art history, modern and contemporary art, the theory of art, the sociology of art, aesthetics, philosophy, phenomenology and museology;
  • Reference literature (encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries)
  • It covers the following fine arts subject areas: painting, sculpting, prints, architecture, applied arts, new media
  • The library holds all issues (1894-1903) of education, entertainment and arts magazine, “Nada”
  • Every year the library receives around one thousand new titles, mainly via inter-library exchanges with similar institutions of our country and abroad as well as gifts

The head of the library:  Leonardo Momčinović, M.A. in Librarian Science and Comparative Literature

Documentation department

Documentation department is an integral part of the Library and the reference point for research on B&H art

It holds:

  •  An alphabetized catalogue of individual and group exhibitions of Bosnian-Herzegovinian artists in the country and abroad;
  • Catalogued sections dedicated to individual Bosnian-Herzegovinian artists (local and international press clippings, invitations, audio-visual material, manuscripts and texts related to lives and works of the artists…)
  • A collection of newspaper articles covering the period 1894-2009 that  follows all the events related to fine arts and culture in BiH;

A special segment of this Department is the material categorized by former Yugoslav republics of their origin with monographs, catalogues of retrospective and individual exhibitions of various artists that are held by the museums and galleries in those republics;

The curator of this Department: Dragana Brkić, M.A., Art Historian


Library and Documentation Department – Info

  • Accessible to all interested persons: professionals, colleagues from similar institutions, post-graduate students, under-graduate students, primary and secondary school students, gallery owners, journalists…
  • The visitor hours are M-F 10AM – 2PM
  • Annual membership fee is 10,00 KM (excluding photocopying, scanning and Internet use)

For all questions in regards to the materials, please contact the phone number 033-266-550 or 033-266-551

Contact person: Ivana Udovičić

Contact person: Maja Abdomerović

Restoration workshop is one of the oldest departments of the Art Gallery of B&H. After the recent war, the Gallery’s staff has not only succeeded to re-vitalize this, currently indispensable, department but we have even purchased the state-of-the-art equipment for it. Thanks to the donations provided by the Government of Japan and the “European Bridge” Project, the paintings treatment performed in the restoration workshop of the Art Gallery of B&H meets the European and world specifications and standards, supervised by the local UNESCO and ICCROM staff. In the past several years, revival of the original paintings have been conceptualized and supervised by distinguished experts from the renowned Slovenian, French, Japanese and Austrian institutions. Students of Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, who study restoration and conservation as their optional subject, have compiled the documentation and analyzed all the treatments and techniques performed to date, and, consequently, they have gained a necessary expertise that they will be able to apply for future restoration and conservation projects. Most future restorations will be of movable monumental heritage in B&H, with the focus on the so-called “easel painting”.

In the past few years, almost one hundred artefacts from the Gallery’s holdings, as well as other art collections have been revived in Gallery’s restoration studio.