Who was the guy on the façade of the Art Gallery of B&H?
“The Chap” is the ‘Casual passer-by I met in Sarajevo on 19th of February, 2004″  made by artist  Braco Dimitrijević. The concept of  “Casual passer-by” dates back to 1970’s. Simply put, the goal is to place an equal sign between the important personalities whose photos are often seen in public places and casual passers-by. So far, a number of different portraits of casual passers-by were “hanged” on the streets of Zagreb, London, Paris, Venice… They were acquired by the most important world museums and placed on their facades. At first, the visitors who saw them were confused, then they asked questions and finally they got used to and accepted those works. Meanwhile, Braco Dimitrijević became a world-renowned artist. The Art Gallery has received “its own” casual passer-by as a gift.

How could I exhibit my works in the Art Gallery of B&H?
You would need to send us a detailed project description and your CV to our address, provided on our website. Once we review all of your enclosed works and qualifications, we will inform you of our final decision.

My child is very talented. How can I enrol him/her in your art workshop?
Unfortunately, for the time being these workshops are held as part of the art teaching process at primary and secondary schools. In the near future, we plan to expand the enrolment of these workshops to all the interested children.

My aunt has donated her paintings to the Art Gallery of B&H as a gift. Why aren’t they exhibited?
The Gallery’s primary obligation is to keep the works it has received as gifts while it reserves the right to decide which ones will be displayed. Usually, the works are displayed if they fit into the concept of the exhibit.

Are pets allowed to the Gallery?
Pets are not allowed in the Gallery.

Why did you expel café Karabit?
The Gallery has not expelled the café from its premises. They departed on their own, leaving behind the debt amounting to 29.448,00 KM. It is up to the court to decide on the further course of action.

Could one purchase a Bosnian-Herzegovinian classic work of art at your Gallery?
No, the Art Gallery of B&H is a museum and as such it is not allowed to trade artwork.

Why is there a section called “Swiss” Gallery?
Thanks to the Government of the Swiss Confederation, the Art Gallery of B&H has reconstructed most of its building that was heavily shelled several times during the recent war. We wish we could express similar gratitude to some other donors as well.

Do you issue certificates for the export of paintings?
Application for temporary or permanent export needs to be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Culture that would then consult with us, if they deem it necessary. Unless you secure their approval first, and the final permission from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, we strongly advise you against carrying paintings across the B&H border.

Why don’t you charge the admissions fee?
We are trying very hard to popularize our institution and encourage all those who are interested to come and see our exhibits. We don’t know for how long we will be able to continue to offer general public with free admission. In any case, we have never rejected the donations.