Art Gallery of B&H, with its six decades long tradition, as an institution, invites all those who appreciate and love art to come forth and support its continued existence as a unique cultural and art institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For some time now, the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not had it’s status resolved and therefore has been deprived of continues and dependable source funding from the state; so the management has decided to take matters in its own hands via new projects that will help fund the vital Gallery’s functions. The single objective is to preserve the valuable works of art for current and future generations and to provide an access to all art lovers so that they continue to enjoy the various exhibitions, art workshops and similar events.

We invite you to help the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, via donations, so that it can continue with its standard line of work. Your funds can be paid to the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina account, and we will present you with a unique project in return.

Account Nr: 3389002208258748
UniCredit Banka d.d. Sarajevo

So far we the following institutions have provided support

  •  Government of the Swiss Confederation
  •  European Commission
  •  The UN Mission in B&H
  •  The Mission of the Republic of Portugal
  •  The World Bank
  •  Embassy of Germany
  •  The Government of Japan
  •  USAID
  •  OPA
  •  Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport
  •  Cantonal Ministry of Culture and Sport
  •  Department of Sarajevo
  •  Old Town municipality


  • Embassy of the Swiss Confederation
  •  Embassy of Japan
  •  Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
  •  Embassy of the Republic of France
  •  Embassy of the Republic of Italy
  •  U.S. Embassy
  •  Embassy of the Polish Republic
  •  Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark
  •  Embassy of Canada
  •  UNDP
  •  UNHCR
  •  OSCE
  •  Conrad Adenauer Foundation
  •  Foundation Heinrich Böll
  •  Goethe Institut Sarajevo
  •  Centre André Malraux
  •  Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo
  •  Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka
  •  Art Academy and Gallery Siroki Brijeg Franciscan Monastery
  •  Klovićevi yards, Zagreb (Croatia)
  •  Art Pavilion, Zagreb (Croatia)
  •  Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb (Croatia)
  •  Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb (Croatia)
  •  Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  •  Cultural Centre of Belgrade (Serbia)
  •  National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje (Montenegro)
  •  Center for Contemporary Art, Podgorica (Montenegro)
  •  The National Gallery, Skopje (Macedonia)
  •  Pro Helvetia
  •  SCCA
  •  Ars Aevi
  •  International Festival Sarajevo “Sarajevo Winter”
  •  Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean
  •  MESS
  •  JU Sarajevo Art
  •  Youth Symphony Orchestra South Eastern Europe


The Gallery offers marketing services as well as help with the implementation of the accompanying events to the companies that are interested in building a partnership and jointly raising the art and culture in B&H to a new higher standard. The Gallery wants to distinguish itself by helping its partners build a brand new image by leveraging the unique and attractive atmosphere and implementation of exciting and news worthy projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on how you can become a sponsor of the Art Gallery of B&H, and to learn how our sponsorship packages can benefit your brand.


The Art Gallery of B&H considers as friends all those involved, who helped pave the way to its current place in our society as a flagship Bosnian cultural institution, as well as those who have supported, aided, encouraged and laid a strong foundation for its existence today. Many of them are artists, both from home and abroad, art historians, curators, professors and students from various art academies, media professionals, and colleagues from museums, archives and related creative fields – and all those, from various walks of life, who support different types of art.

Finally, friends of the Art Gallery of B&H are all the users of its exhibition spaces. The artists who have donated their works, their contributing families and those who have, in any way, helped create a positive and innovative environment in the Gallery.

This year, the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be honoring with its annual “Friend of the Art Gallery of B&H” award, that one special individual, institution or group of contributors who have wholeheartedly, without further agenda, helped preserve and promote the value and importance of the Art Gallery of B&H.

Why donate?

Why should a company or an individual make a donation to the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Positive exposure – this is a great way to build, or improve, a reputation of a company or an individual. Any financial or material support will help position that company or individual as a good, conscientious and socially responsible citizen, setting it apart as someone who invests in arts and culture, and therefore the greater good of our society.